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An alternative to Holacracy management

One management trend that’s caught my attention recently is the Holacracy management system. Holacracy, as defined on their website, is a “complete system for self-organization” that looks to create a replacement for organizing work. Much has been written on the subject, with viewpoints ranging from it's destroying companies (here, here and here) to it being a corporate saviour in a world where hierarchies are killing innovation and stemming employee motivation (here, here and here). A recent … [Read more...]

Organizational restructuring: four common pitfalls to avoid

  2015 was a difficult year for Canadians – with the price of oil plummeting organizations were forced to significantly downsize their workforce. All told it was estimated that over 100,000 jobs were lost across the Alberta oil fields. On top of this, some of Canada’s largest companies (Bombardier, TD, Scotiabank) undertook major organizational restructuring initiatives. The terms downsizing or restructuring generally refer to organizations reducing their operating costs through … [Read more...]

Ron Capelle delivers the keynote at the Organization Design World Conference

Ron Capelle recently delivered the keynote address at the 5th Biennial Organization Design World Conference. In his keynote address, Ron discusses Optimizing Organization Design. This approach is based on over 100 large scale projects and 24 research studies that have been completed over the past 25 years. They show that this approach leads to better employee satisfaction, client satisfaction and employee performance. Ron presents some of the key features of this approach, including … [Read more...]

Building the foundation for millennial engagement

What do millennials want? As millennials look to assume over 50% of the global workforce by 2020 (PwC, 2011), you can safely assume that this question is top of mind for most business leaders. Perform a quick google search and you’ll find over 16 million, often conflicting, answers. Many reports will say that millennials are fundamentally different than the previous boomer and gen x employees – they are light on loyalty, place extreme value on work / life balance, and prefer communicating … [Read more...]

Ron Capelle featured in The Globe and Mail

Ron Capelle was recently featured in Harvey Schachter’s Monday Morning Manager column of The Globe and Mail. In this column Ron discusses how managers can determine the right number of layers (or strata) required for their company based on the optimizing organization design approach. This article is applicable for any executives interested in optimizing their organization design, and is available on The Globe and Mail website. Executives interested in optimizing their organization design … [Read more...]

Capelle Associates Launches New Website

Capelle Associates is pleased to announce the launch of a new website. The website was redesigned to coincide with the publication of our new book and better describe our Optimizing Organization Design approach. The website provides information on: Who we are, our team and our clients Our research based, client proven approach to organization design assessment and implementation The benefits of our optimizing organization design approach. This includes improving financial performance, … [Read more...]

Organization Hierarchy: What’s Wrong With It…And How To Fix It

Hierarchy is basically defined as different levels in an organization. Hierarchy generates considerable discussion and controversy. Many consider it to be old fashioned, inappropriate or just plain wrong. What’s Wrong With Hierarchy? Let’s start by agreeing that there are many issues related to how hierarchy is used. It can be “command and control”. This would be micromanaging and it is inappropriate. Employees should be in positions that are “right sized” so that they can use their … [Read more...]

Reduce Costs And Increase Employee Satisfaction: Ensure That Professionals Are Doing The Right Tasks

Professionals in your organization are probably doing the wrong tasks, and it’s resulting in unnecessary costs and reduced employee satisfaction. For example, we were called into an organization when one of its mission critical departments was not meeting standards and had high staff turnover. We discovered that the professionals in this department were doing tasks that could have been done (at least as well) by staff in lower level positions. The organization was wasting money by paying … [Read more...]

Improve Financial Performance By Optimizing Organization Design

Our research and client experience show that optimizing organization design leads to better financial performance. There Are Three Parts To The Improved Financial Performance The first is ongoing financial performance due to the changes that have been made. The second is more specific cost savings. This primarily results from removing positions that are redundant. Our research shows average potential annual cost savings of about $2,500 per position times the number of positions in the … [Read more...]