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Capelle Associates Launches New Website

Capelle Associates is pleased to announce the launch of a new website. The website was redesigned to coincide with the publication of our new book and better describe our Optimizing Organization Design approach.

The website provides information on:

  • Who we are, our team and our clients
  • Our research based, client proven approach to organization design assessment and implementation
  • The benefits of our optimizing organization design approach. This includes improving financial performance, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Our approach also provides a sustainable competitive advantage and a significant return on investment (ROI). As well, our approach provides the foundation for better strategy implementation and for better human resources management (including talent acquisition, management and retention).
  • The proof that our approach provides these benefits. This includes over 100 large scale projects and 24 research studies that we have completed over the past 25 years.

Our website also provides additional valuable information. This includes video clips, an organization design blog, and information about Ron Capelle’s new book.

Ron Capelle’s new book, Optimizing Organization Design: A Proven Approach to Enhance Financial Performance, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2014) provides a comprehensive approach to improving organization performance by optimizing organization design.

At our website we are also offering a complimentary copy of the first chapter of the book. It is titled “Why Organization Design Matters” and provides an excellent overview of the benefits of optimizing organization design.

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