Designing agile organizations

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review discusses the experiences of large organizations implementing agile practices within their operations. The article does an excellent job outlining why agile is important, and what some of the key components are to implementing it successfully. What’s particularly interesting is that many of the examples used are of organizations that have implemented agile practices without radically changing their organization’s design. That’s important because … [Read more...]

Celebrating 40 years of Optimizing Organization Design

As Capelle Associates celebrates our 40th anniversary, we wanted to share something we've learned over the years.  Our clients have trusted us to undertake over 100 large scale projects across multiple geographies and industry sectors. Each of these projects came as a result of a unique challenges that the organizations faced, and each resulted in a unique set of opportunities. However, there was one consistent theme across each of the projects, and that was the drive to improve … [Read more...]

Ron Capelle providing an HRPA workshop on Optimizing Organization Design

  On Thursday, September 22nd, as part of the HRPA Continuing Professional Development Meeting Series, Ron Capelle will be providing a workshop presentation titled: Optimizing Organization Design: Key Factors and Methods for Success. The workshop aims to help help HR professionals improve their department’s functions, the performance of the organization, as well as increase their personal impact by learning about proper alignment of positions, accountabilities and … [Read more...]