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Our Optimizing Organization Design® Approach

Optimizing Organization Design® is the Capelle Associates approach to improving company infrastructure. It is based on over 100 large scale projects and 24 research studies that Capelle Associates has completed over the past 25 years.

Performance Improvements and Benefits

This approach leads to numerous performance improvements. This includes better alignment of positions (vertical and functional); accountabilities and authorities (employee, supervisor, manager, manager once removed and cross functional); people; deliverables and tasks. This approach can also be used to improve Board functioning, process management, project management and compensation.

Organization Consulting

There can also be numerous additional benefits. The research and client experience shows that this approach leads to better financial performance, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. It can provide a competitive advantage and a significant return on investment. It can also be the foundation for both strategy implementation and human resources management.

Two Steps In The Optimizing Organization Design® Approach

There are usually two main steps in this approach:

Assessment: This includes information gathering, analysis and preparation of recommendations and reports, and follow up meetings.

Implementation of agreed improvements: This includes people change management and project management. It uses a cascading, iterative process that is based on teams and involves education, doing real work and feedback.

Step One: Assessment

Our assessment approach can be tailored to your unique requirements. We would generally review documents and employee information, conduct interviews (primarily with managers) and provide access to our online employee satisfaction questionnaire. This results in analysis, recommendations, a report and meetings.

There are several advantages to this assessment approach:

  • It is comprehensive yet can be done quickly and requires minimal time from your organization.
  • We can find opportunities for improvement that would not otherwise be found.
  • Because our approach is robust, we find that about 80-90% of our recommendations are accepted.

Step Two: Implementation

With regard to implementation, most of our clients believe that the best value comes from an internal – external team.

Capelle Associates will:

  • Bring in methods, materials and skills.
  • Work with your internal team to upgrade organization systems and practices.
  • Train and qualify the internal team.

The implementation involves a cascading, iterative approach using teams, education, real work and feedback.

There are several advantages to this approach:

  • Our approach can be faster and provides better quality assurance.
  • It is cost efficient since most of the work can be done by the internal team.
  • Most importantly, it is sustainable.

To find out more about our Optimizing Organization Design® approach and how it can be beneficial for your organization, please request a discussion by either calling 416-236-3044 or filling out our online form.


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