Building the foundation for millennial engagement

What do millennials want? As millennials look to assume over 50% of the global workforce by 2020 (PwC, 2011), you can safely assume that this question is top of mind for most business leaders. Perform a quick google search and you’ll find over 16 million, often conflicting, answers. Many reports will say that millennials are fundamentally different than the previous boomer and gen x employees – they are light on loyalty, place extreme value on work / life balance, and prefer communicating … [Read more...]

Ron Capelle featured in The Globe and Mail

Ron Capelle was recently featured in Harvey Schachter’s Monday Morning Manager column of The Globe and Mail. In this column Ron discusses how managers can determine the right number of layers (or strata) required for their company based on the optimizing organization design approach. This article is applicable for any executives interested in optimizing their organization design, and is available on The Globe and Mail website. Executives interested in optimizing their organization design … [Read more...]