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Our Task Alignment Approach

Getting the right tasks done by the right people at the right organizational level

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Therefore, it is critical that your employees have the opportunity to work to their full capability. Unfortunately, based on our previous projects and research, professional or first line management positions typically spend approximately half of their time doing tasks that could be completed by employees in lower level positions. This presents a major opportunity for organizations looking to optimize their resources while lowering costs.


We’ve developed our Task Alignment approach to specifically assist with this organization design issue. We use our research proven, executive tested, methodology to differentiate and vertically align tasks in an organization. We identify the types of tasks being performed within the organization and analyze them based on a number of factors including task complexity, cost and organizational value. We then determine which tasks should be performed by which positions at what organizational level; and identify any potential opportunities for task realignment and position changes.

As a result of this approach, our clients have received significant benefits through:

Improved employee engagement: Our research and executive experience has shown that employees are significantly more engaged when they are able to perform tasks that match their capability and interest.

Significant cost savings: Based on our previous projects, if professionals and managers are able to reduce lower level tasks from 50% to 30% (a very conservative improvement), the potential annual cost savings is $10k per professional or manager position.

To find out more about our Task Alignment approach and how it can be beneficial for your organization, please request a discussion by either calling 416-236-3044 or filling out our online form. You can also learn more by reading our brochure

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