Optimizing Organization Design Leads To Improved Organization Performance

    Capelle Associates has developed an Optimizing Organization Design® approach to improve organization performance. This approach is based on over 100 large scale projects and 24 research studies that we have completed over the past 25 years.

    If you are looking for ways to improve organization performance, this approach can provide you with numerous benefits. I would like to discuss seven of them.

    Better Financial Performance

    First, our research and client experience show that this approach leads to better financial performance. This includes average potential annual cost savings of about $2,500 per position times the number of positions in an organization review. For a 1,000 person organization, this would be about $2,500,000.

    Better Customer Satisfaction

    Second, our research and client experience shows that this approach leads to better customer satisfaction. This approach provides better alignment and clarity, and supports better customer focus.

    Better Employee Satisfaction

    Third, our research and client experience shows that this approach leads to better employee satisfaction. Talent acquisition, management and retention are critical, and this approach can improve these areas.

    Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    The fourth benefit is sustainable competitive advantage. Improved financial performance, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction lead to competitive advantage. Since optimizing organization design requires skill and commitment, it can be provide a more sustainable competitive advantage than many others that can be more easily copied.

    Significant Return on Investment

    The fifth benefit is a significant return on investment. Part of this relates to the initial cost savings. Research shows that these savings are many times the investment that is required.

    Better Strategy Implementation

    The sixth benefit is better strategy implementation. Organization design provides the foundation for strategy implementation. A sub optimal organization design will result in a weaker strategy implementation. Conversely, optimizing organization design results in stronger strategy implementation.

    Better Human Resources Management

    The seventh benefit is improved human resources management. This approach provides the foundation for human resources management. This includes all aspects of human resources management including talent acquisition, management and retention.


    Optimizing organization design can lead to numerous benefits. It provides significant opportunities for executives to improve organization performance.

    Contact us today and request a discussion with our organization consultants for more information.

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