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Celebrating 40 years of Optimizing Organization Design

As Capelle Associates celebrates our 40th anniversary, we wanted to share something we’ve learned over the years. 

Our clients have trusted us to undertake over 100 large scale projects across multiple geographies and industry sectors. Each of these projects came as a result of a unique challenges that the organizations faced, and each resulted in a unique set of opportunities. However, there was one consistent theme across each of the projects, and that was the drive to improve organizational performance.

As we undertook client projects and research studies, we came to the conclusion that improved organizational performance could come directly from improving the manager-direct report alignment. In other words, ensuring that every employee had a manager exactly one level or stratum above, both in terms of complexity of work done and capability to work at that level (both of which can be measured). We were surprised to learn that manager – direct report alignment, by itself, could lead to improved employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and financial performance. This presented a huge opportunity for our clients since we typically found that this alignment was correct only about 50% of the time.

This continues to be one of the greatest opportunities for improved organizational performance even as technologies evolve, businesses become more agile, and employee’s expectations change.

If you’re interested in discussing organization design in general, or this manager – direct report alignment in particular, please reach out. We would enjoy setting up a time to talk with you.  

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