Reduce Costs And Increase Employee Satisfaction: Ensure That Professionals Are Doing The Right Tasks

Professionals in your organization are probably doing the wrong tasks, and it’s resulting in unnecessary costs and reduced employee satisfaction. For example, we were called into an organization when one of its mission critical departments was not meeting standards and had high staff turnover. We discovered that the professionals in this department were doing tasks that could have been done (at least as well) by staff in lower level positions. The organization was wasting money by paying … [Read more...]

Improve Financial Performance By Optimizing Organization Design

Our research and client experience show that optimizing organization design leads to better financial performance. There Are Three Parts To The Improved Financial Performance The first is ongoing financial performance due to the changes that have been made. The second is more specific cost savings. This primarily results from removing positions that are redundant. Our research shows average potential annual cost savings of about $2,500 per position times the number of positions in the … [Read more...]

Optimizing Organization Design Leads To Improved Organization Performance

Capelle Associates has developed an Optimizing Organization Design® approach to improve organization performance. This approach is based on over 100 large scale projects and 24 research studies that we have completed over the past 25 years. If you are looking for ways to improve organization performance, this approach can provide you with numerous benefits. I would like to discuss seven of them. Better Financial Performance First, our research and client experience show that this … [Read more...]

Better Manager – Direct Report Alignment Leads To Improved Organization Performance

Our research shows that Optimizing Organization Design® leads to better financial performance, better customer satisfaction and better employee satisfaction. It also shows that one of our organization design sub factors, manager – direct report alignment, is by itself directly related to these performance measures. We were surprised that one sub factor would be robust enough to be directly related to these outcome measures. Manager – direct report alignment is based on the work of Elliott … [Read more...]